HONEY: We take pride in providing a natural and unpasteurized source of sugar for you.

Our honey bees have collected nectar from an eclectic group of flowers & trees in the area, depending on the season; pussy willow, crocuses, violets, milkweed, dandelions, caragana, wolf willow, sainfoin, alfalfa, spreading dogsbane, canola, russian olive, vetch, clovers, thistle, anemone, golden rod, and other wild flowers.

Of course, our urban hives collect all sorts of wonderful sweetness from local Garden Flowers as well.

Our creamed unpasteurized honey is the surplus honey from either rural or urban local honey bees that we collect, extract, and cloth-strain.

Note: Our liquid honey is sold on pre-order basis only during the honey flow (July to August).

Honey's Longevity

Honey is the only natural food that remains eternally edible.

Although honey is hygroscopic (attracts moisture when unsealed), dryer honey can be placed in sun rays or a larger container that has hot water in it, with the lid off. DO NOT MICROWAVE, DO NOT BOIL. Once the honey starts to warm, you can stir it if you like. Low warming temperatures in a short time period only. You can also place it on top of the fridge or somewhere warm.

When our honey is warmer it is smooth and creamy. Mmm.